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Object questions

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So I'm taking a stab at automating moving some things around. Surprise, there are some things I don't understand. Yet :)

I'm using SoftGoods objects and hoping to move them and change them with some simpler objects. I'm hoping to end up with an object with a few variables. SoftGoods have a lot of variables, so I still want to be able to open the network and tweak the internals.

1. Can I create such a complex PIO element from scratch? I assumed not so I have some to start with.

2. Why does a Move node to move an existing object make duplicates?

4. Can/How do I pull (and set) a OIP variable in an existing PIO.

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Good Morning, RickR!

To answer your questions:

1) Yes, you can ABSOLUTELY create a complex PIO object from scratch. This also allows you to choose whatever variables you want to have available for parameters. It is a complicated process, but I can try to mock something up later for you, just to give you a simple idea.

2) I don't think that "Move" is the problem. Are you using a "Name" node to specify the object you want to move? If so, is "Create Duplicate Object" checked in the OIP when you select the "Name" node? If so, try unchecking that.

4) (What did you do with 3?!) This one is slightly trickier. The values in the OIP are usually stored similarly to Records, but they aren't like the records we can customly create.

Let me look into my older files to hopefully mock something up for you. I have a feeling the default nodes won't do what I'm looking to do.

Let me know if my answer to 2 helped you at all, otherwise we can continue to troubleshoot!

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Here's a sample of a super simple curtain.

I didn't, at this point, take the time to do all of the math on it, but I think it's a satisfactory example.

There is still a LOT more you could to with it for customization, I just wanted to share that the possibilities are (nearly) endless :)


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2. Yes, duplicate checked. Without it things are working differently. More to learn!

3. Answered myself just while writing.

4. Is linked to 1.

1. You scratch harder than I do. My intention was to create an actual SoftGoods object not something very similar. (I might well find a use for your simple curtain.) The SG tools is very useful for most of my work. I was just hoping to automate some of those uses by making or at least manipulating some

of those objects. Thus #4.

I would be very surprised if PIO fields were not accessible somehow. However the alternative would be Marionette versions of every object. That gets interesting, customizable PIOs!

(Example: I want width & height controls on the SG track. Gee, a carrier/chain spacing option would be nice...)


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Hi Rick, perhaps this file will help. It includes a script (not marionette, just vector script) that gives you a printout of the field names and values for a particular plug-in object. Then you can use those fields to make a marionette definition that will fill in certain parameters.

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I think I'm going to need some more help on this.

Using the script is easy. The key question is which node(s) do I use to get and set the values for these fields? I've tried the Object Parameters with out any luck.

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Hey Rick,

I am not sure what you mean by "Object Parameters," but the inputs for the Get Record Field and Set Record Field all take strings and their output values are also strings. So if you want to create a new record field or value, you have to type that value into a String node (from the Input category) and use a string node. If you want to transfer a value you use the output from Get Record field to the input of Set Record Field. The script provided tells you the names of the fields so you can type those names into string nodes.

I hope that helps.

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I had a bit more time to work on this. This mornings webinar was informative. So much to learn!

I just want to draw a Soft Goods object based on data. Sarah's script gave the Soft Goods record names. I also dug out a similar script for worksheet uses just to compare. First off I'm playing with 'AdjustableLength', later I'll get to less critical features.

1. The mini-network with SetRecordField changes the OIP data but not the object. If I use the "update" button the length goes back to the original value. Something needs to trigger object recalculation like an Enter key in manual use. (You can ignore the other stuff in the file. Most of it is working but there some I've abandoned in process.)

2. Soft Goods are path based objects. I tried the SetSeg node with various sources. I get nothing but errors. It seems creation of path objects gets a bit more complex. Any nodes to work with paths?

3. Perhaps what I need is a node to create a SG object from pure data. Changing existing objects seemed easier at first. So I'm looking at the VS for Custom Path Objects and it seems to assume a previous object. Is that necessary? Am I on a viable track?

Can you suggest an alternate approach.

Thanks for your help!

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Almost there in making a new object.

This file gives me an error on rotation angle, that I don't think I'm using.

It also generates a zero size SG object with the AdjustableLength field grayed out.


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Hey Rick

I think I got your definition to work - the main issue was that a Custom object need a polyline or polygon as its path, not a line. There were some other changes I made if you want to check it out.

Let me know if that is what you are looking for

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Of course a path is a Poly not a Line, just one of those details. I hope this is as deep into VS as I need to go, and that that's the hard part for my little project.

Thank you!

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Personally I think it is a very silly detail and it is completely understandable to have missed it. But I would get used to the feeling - It happens a lot with Marionette because we are not used to working so explicitly. ;)

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