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Snapping / Locking / Layers

Teresa Hull


This is similar to some of the requests I've seen in here, but not quite ...

I think there could be two more columns in Layer Navigation: Lock and Snap

Lock would make it so nothing in that layer could be modified until the layer is unlocked.

Snap (which is really "No-Snap Override" in my mind) makes it so that even if "Snap" is on as the general mode, some layers would still not snap. Particularly useful when a drawing contains a DWG that has tons of vertices that you need to see, but don't want to snap to, and you need to snap to other things. As a workaround, I've even gone to making a PDF, importing it (with snapping turned off on the PDF), and using it to draw; but it makes the file big, so I delete the PDF after drawing.

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