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Stephen Sorenson

Marionette OIP ordering bug

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I've submitted a bug report, but I wanted to share here as this has caused me a lot of headaches trying to figure out. Trying to save other some headache as this caused a big one for me. (Unless I'm completely off my rocker and something else is happening here).

If you number the inputs on a marionette object in order to order them in the OIP, when the resulting plug in object is duplicated (after changing the value) the new object reverts to default values. As far as I can determine this action relates specifically to prefacing the name with a number. and only occurs with Marionette PIOs.

1. Insert an input node (real or int or I've created a document rotation value input node)

2. apply to rotate object in the marionette network

3. Name the input with a leading number to order it in the OIP

4. Convert to object node

5. Enter a new value in rotation

6. Copy paste/duplicate the object with the new value

7. New object will revert to default values.

I've attached an example of what I mean here.

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This is really weird, If I copy the top one it the rotation reverts to the default in the Network, But if I go into the network and then out I can copy it and it retains the rotation.


By the way with the new rectangle node you can rotate by simply inputting the angle you want.

Edited by Alan Woodwell

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Hey Alan!

Yeah, I was just using the built in nodes to properly notate the bug (so that it couldn't be traced or thought to be the fault of a custom node).

The bug remains no matter what input you change to have a number as a leader - so if you try to order your object info palette this bug seems to crop up (it also happened when I put a number in front of the Dim named input).

You are correct, it does keep it for one version if you open up and then copy-paste, but as soon as you change a value it reverts on duplicate to the defaults in the object.

I submitted a question about this during the webinar this morning and got a personal reply to submit a bug report, so I did as it sounds like it's not working as intended.

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Hello Stephen

I had a quick glance at the scripts

if you have a number in the name it can bug. If you pass 9 the next digit is A than B (=11) etc up to F. We are on an hexadecimal base.

In your case size is not understood try "2size" and "1rotation". A lot of other signs are bugging factors and for the moment no real way of changing the order. I dropped the case having too many problems when I worked on the customizable baluster(left in the M shared forum).

Now concerning the go back factor, it seems that when you change the value in the OIP you don't change the "real" or "dim" values in the scrip.So when you copy and paste you get the original values and not the changed ones. Better! if you change the value, you open the script and without changing anything you close back the script, the copy and paste work!!!!

Have fun


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Hi Everyone,

has there been any progression on this bug?

Glad someone was able to figure out the root of the issue.

Its frustrating, either accept you can't order the OPI inputs or forever change default values.

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