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Solid Extrusions in 3d PDF


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I have not InteriorCAD, so no test.

In exported 3d PDF from VWX, I see solid extrudes and EAP when viewing with Adobe Reader. 2d objects are not visible (eg planar objects on ground plane). One way to show 2d items is convert them to 3d polygons.

In the 3d PDF, expand the Model Tree>Design Layer and toggle the line item for each 3d object to show/hide the object.

Some things to test:

•Try exporting 3dPDF from a new blank file with a few objects.

•Maybe some of the layer items are unchecked in your 3d PDF>Model Tree? (see attached image)

•Update Adobe Reader?

•Export again, but change the parameters eg Selected objects only? Current view? All?



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Thanks Benson

I drew an extruded poly (in Vectorworks) and then a bench top in Interirocad.

Both transpose perfectly into the 3d pdf.

I tried as you suggested converting to 3d polys but made no difference

I think the issue lies with the fact that the documents were created in earlier versions of VW as the issues I have had, have all been created originally in version 2015 or 2014 then opened and saved in 2016.

I must say all our clients are raving about the 3d pdf !

Thanks for your help - it forced me to look further.

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My extrusions and other 3d solids export as visible to the 3d pdf. But, for some reason, my 2d objects are not visible in the 3dpdf.

My suggestion for converting to 3d polygons is only for the 2d planar objects, not the extrusions or other solids.

@BillV - I have v2014 and v2015 files converted to v2016. These converted files export as expected to 3d pdf. The older files may not be cause of the problem you report.


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You may also want to check your export setting for 3D PDF's. There is an option to enable/disable double side faces for rendering during export.

When disabled and the PDF viewer does not have double side faces rendering enabled then geometry will not always look as expected depending on the view angle etc. and in some cases it may look as if the object is not present until you switch on the double face rendering in the PDF viewer.

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