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Multiple Extrude

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With multiple extrude the way the extrude applies is based on which shape you lay down first (or to the back)

How do you set something in front like a list so that the shape can be swapped?

I want the taper to go up and option to go down.

Its in this network for a stair tread.Thanks

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Sorted it as to which way the multiple extrude works.

It extrudes from back item to top item. So 2 items, send one to back it will start from there.

Thanks to J.Millers post about using Ordered list to set the order of the Multiple Extrude you can determine the order of the extruded shapes.

Tried StephensS' send to back but I cant seem to get them to have an effect, maybe missing something.

So the attached file Swap the wires around to see the difference.

Also Marissa can you have a look at the rectangle node please.

Node notes orientation , but when edit it lists rotation?

Nothing seems to happen when I place an input ?

can you clarify please?

Is it a Rotation ie Z axis .

Changing orientation is the same as rotating the axis and the only axis to rotate in 2D is the about the Z axis.


Edited by Alan Woodwell

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So orientation currently takes in a vector. I believe the current default value is (1,0), I don't have vectorworks open to confirm at the moment, but hopefully my memory serves me correctly.

This means that the vector points in the x direction.

I plan to soon change the rectangle node to take in an angle rather than a vector because I believe it will be more user friendly.

For now, if you're interested in playing with orientation, use a vec2 node and try putting in some values for x and y. They may need to be in the range of 0 and 1, but I'm not positive on this. It may just normalize them on its own.

I will gladly go into more depth about vectors if you'd like!

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Hey Alan,

Here's a rectangle that will take in an angle (in degrees) for the orientation. Keep in mind that the rotation takes place from a corner of the rectangle. Play around with this and let me know if it makes sense to you.

Unless there are any strong objections, I will most likely get the rectangle node changed to represent this method in a future update to the software.

Let me know!


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I like the ordered list much better for most applications - that's a great solution. The send to front, send to back nodes only seem work if the object you are sending in front of or behind already exists and I can't seem to figure out how Vectorworks determines in what order things are made in the script tree. So it is of limited use and I hadn't thought of using an ordered list at the time.

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