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Bug - Rotated Plan Funnystuff

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It seems like having a rotated plan view causes all sorts of funny stuff.

The most recent came about when trying to compose a series of lines and polylines into a singled closed polyline. The compose command did work, but not as expected and it ended up shifting the line segments and connecting them incorrectly.

I was dumbfounded, as I did not know at first the plan was rotated, but after working on it for several minutes figured it out.

Why would a rotated plan change the way the compose command works? We are working on several projects that require that the plans be rotated most of the time.

Is there any advice I should pass on to the team about rotated plans and what operations should not be performed while the plan is roated?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Many shenanigans do indeed occur in rotated plan that one would not expect. Its a large source of calls and emails in Support. Functionally, anything you can do in non-rotated plan you should be able to do in rotated plan and if you can't then I consider it a bug.

If you can get me specifics I can file them, I've filed many "_______ behaves differently in Rotated Plan"

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One thing I have noticed in a rotated plan is that hatches do not respect the rotation.

For example, if you are in a view rotated 90° and apply a hatch, the hatch comes in sideways to the orientation you are in. (i.e. it still comes in at 0° even though you are rotated 90°).

Why can't Vectorworks know that you are in a rotated view and rotate the hatch by the same amount of rotation so it looks normal to the view?

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