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Alan Woodwell


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Can get the hand to rotate but they stay in fixed but you can see the other one rotating.

Any help gratefully accepted.

Run second file and the hands move to a new location, but i wanted them to tick around in one location.

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The animate node that you're trying to use in this file won't really help you out.

I've attached a revision of your Clock_02 file. The change I made is to the "Transform2" node (again). If you open it up and take a look at the bottom, I added the line "vs.ReDrawAll()", this line will update your drawing area with the new rotation each time the node gets run.

I also edited the logic behind your sequence. In this case, we want to rotate it -30 degrees each step because we're adding to the previous location. A negative angle will move us clockwise. If we were to leave it with the sequence you were using before, the line would move in different increments, which isn't what you're looking for.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any questions!


(I'll try to get a node that will just update the view without having to append code to the node. I tried briefly for this example, but failed. :/)

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NICE!! Too Easy :)

Easy when you know how.

More homework, LOL

Yes I noticed the (vs.ReDrawAll()).

Looks like its a course in Python coming up.

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Now you have rotated the big hand now can you do the small for the hour.

In the network they run one after the other, I am trying to make them start together?


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I'm excited for the challenge!

I will say, however, that I'm most likely going to have to create another custom node. When Marionette compiles, I don't believe there's a smooth way to create nested loops, which is pretty much what we would need in this case.

I'll get back to you on this, though!

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