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Creating an Open Poly 2D or 3D


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How would I make a 2D or 3D polygon without it closing? For example I want to make essentially a 3 sided porch beam but my current network closes it off making 4 sides. I want one side open. Logically a polygon is closed but I don't know how to think that thru. HELP!

Another thing is the Set Class node...what kind of node would I need to input the name I want to apply to this porch beam? You'll see the node has an input on the left called styleclass, what node do I need for that?

One other thing as well...when I try to wrap this network it gives me an error message but when I run the network unwrapped I have no problems.

Thanks in advance. See the pics attached.


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A simple way to do it see attached.

I think one of the problems was you are calling up a 2dpoly and trying to add a Z vector to it, wont work, so you should draw the line and extrude the Symbol along it.


Also you can also use the control geometry method which would be much better for this sort of thing.

Video that will help understand it easier.


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Hi Alan,

Thanks so much. I had put in the 2dpoly node as I was trying to understand why/how the poly was closing. I knew I'd need the 3dpoly node, wasn't getting anywhere and gave up and posted this.

Anyways, I liked your last example of using the control geometry node. I did not realize that there was an edit control geometry function. This is a good start as any thing I might us it for such as gutters or porch beams I can change once I've dropped it into the model as a plug-in.

Thanks again Alan, especially for putting your own personal time in to making that instructional video. Big help. Hopefully it is helpful to others as well.


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Played around with a few things, but now I make it into a PIO and import it into a new drawing and nothing shows up upon insertion. What's up with that? and back at the original file its made in, I'm getting a second non-selectible copy of the object. Any thoughts?

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Hi Marrisa,

This is the file I'm working on. I was able to remove the second object by adding a delete node after the get symbol node. So my continuing concern is getting the this network to work in another file while inserting it as a PIO.

Thanks for pointing out those two other nodes. I check them out.

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  • Marionette Maven

In this case, the reason it isn't carrying over to a new file is that you're using a symbol as your input for the profile. Because that symbol doesn't exist in the new file you're trying to use it in, it cannot generate geometry from the symbol.

I'll try to get something that works the way you're hoping, but right now I'm not sure of the best solution.

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If you are trying to change the profile of the Corner Trim 4in Plain with the Porch Beam you cant. The Porch beam is a Marionette object, each of the items that you are swapping in as the control geometry needs to be only a 2d symbol.


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