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We have made some changes to the process of submitting bugs. Users can now file bugs via this link:


Which should be the same one as you will now see on the side of the forums as well as on the main support page, if it isn't already it will be shortly. However, please feel free to continue posting threads about an issue that is a possible bug first so that I and other members of the community can have at it before it goes to Bugsubmit. This form is NOT intended to reduce discussion on the board, only to be a new endpoint for troubleshooting if the discussion comes to a halt.

These bugs will now first pass through my inbox for sorting. I will then be able to pass them on to engineering or QA directly, or if the issue turns out to not be a bug but rather a usage error or an enhancement request I can get it filed properly. This change was made in order to add a level of filtering ahead of the previous submission system, which could lead to users being stuck in dead ends hovering between Tech Support and Engineering.

Please make sure to follow the instructions on the page and if you have a related file where the issue exists, there is now an upload link near the bottom of the submission form you can use to send us the file directly.

Thank you, if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements please let me know!

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