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Vectorworks novice - furniture class

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I'm aware that furniture falls into it's own class within Vectorworks, and placing a piece of furniture as a symbol will default to "Furniture-Main" in the classes palette.

I have amended the class settings for this (pen thickness), however when I print my viewport, there is still some pieces of furniture that are displaying thicker than others.

I've double-checked that all furniture is definitely within the same class, and even tried creating a separate class for my furniture under the settings I want, but still no luck.

Please can someone help?


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Related question:

When making blocks in AutoCAD, I make sure that all objects inside the block are on layer 0, so that when I insert the block in a particular layer, the block takes on the graphic attributes of that layer.

That doesn't seem to work in Vectorworks. If I make a furniture symbol with the objects in the None class, then insert it in the Furniture class, the symbol retains the graphic attributes of the None class.

What is the proper way of assigning classes to objects within the symbol and the symbol as a whole?

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