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New 'Module' Object

Tom Klaber


I am in need of a new type of object that I am calling a Module (working title).

Basically, it is like a group and a symbol had a useful baby.

I am working on a hotel project, and there are many repeated room types. I would like them to be symbols, but this comes with some serious downsides:

-Doors and windows can not be scheduled correctly.

-Walls can not join the walls in the symbol.

-Slight variations can not be made without breaking the symbol.

Obviously, if I make them all groups then every change to 1 has to be made to all.

It would be great if there could be this hybrid of a group and symbol.

The way I think this could work is that you have the base module that is then deployed like a symbol - except that its contents can interact with outside objects and can be scheduled and annotated separately. If you then make a change to the base module - the changes would then be pushed out to all the modules in the document. If a module had a unique element - any changes affecting that element would not be pushed to that particular module, but all other changes would.

This is coming up because of this hotel, but I think it could find many other useful functions as well.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to handle this workflow now - I would love to hear it.


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I have always thought this, but figured it was beyond possible.

In the meantime, I create symbols of only the interior furnishings for moving around, and leave walls to be drawn each time.

Multi unit apartments, condo's and townhouses are a huge percentage of work produced by architectural offices these day.. a hybrid object would only make sense!

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