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Crop box printing in pdfs

Don@Black Dog


When printing pdfs, my crop boxes are printing. But not all of them. The wireframe ones seem to print the box, while openGL or hidden line do not. They are all on None class and are invisible on the sheet layer and on the on-screen pdf.

This happens on MACs to a Brother printer, on Windows to an HP printer and to a commercial printer.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Thanks, but I think we're missing the point. There is no box or border visible on the viewports in the sheet layer or on-screen when viewing the pdf.

It only shows up on the printed page.

My none has no fill, but it is used for other things so has a line, but per above, I have never had this happen before, and it doesn't happen all the time.

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Is there a difference in the viewports that some of them have a crop object and some don't?

If so, what happens to the viewports that are printing the boarder when you add or remove the crop object?

You can use any class for the crop objects you want. Alan was just trying to make sure that if you have a crop that you don't want visible that is is truly set to some combination that would make it invisible. That could be a zero line weight for the object or having the object set to By Class and having the class set to a zero weight / no line and with no fill.

Almost always in cases like this there is some combination of object and class attributes that are causing the problem. It is just a matter of looking at what the difference are and determining what the best way for your workflow is to prevent this going forward.

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I am experiencing this too, as Don @ Black Dog describes, except that it's also happening with hidden line drawings. As with Don, it's not all crops; all my crop objects are in the None class; and they're invisible on both the sheet layer and on the PDF when it's viewed on the screen. But when printed to paper, the crops show up. Unfortunately it only happens on a commercial (Staples) printer, and not on my Canon, which of course makes it especially difficult to troubleshoot...

Looking at my drawings further, I've realized that when it happens, it's ONLY when the crop object overlaps with the section cut plane (so it only happens with Section Viewports). It happens a lot (but not always) with interior elevations, where the section cut plane includes the floors, walls and ceilings that enclose a space. It doesn't happen at all with exterior elevations, where everything is beyond the cut plane. And it only partially happens for drawings where the extents of the section viewport only partially include walls and/or floors. VWIS072

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Hi everyone,


I realize I'm a bit late to the conversation but I have realized that this only happens when you print the PDF. If you print straight from Vectorworks, the crop box does not show up. I had 3 pages I wanted to print as a set so I published them to PDF then printed from Adobe Acrobat, and the crop box printed. But when I printed the same document straight from Vectorworks, the crop box did not print. 


Hope this helps! 

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