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Symbol count / Record format count

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Hello from Norway!

Being a headrigger, and just stepped into the world of VW after doing 100+ point shows in WYG for several years. It's been quite a nightmare so I hope VW will make a riggers life easier. So far it seems great, just a few things I need to wrap my head around.

1. Making a symbol for all our truss pieces, in WYG you can get a truss count, so that you get a "booking sheet" that tells you what trusses you've used, and what position they're in. Then you know what to rent, and you know what pieces of truss you need to build LX1, LX2 etc.

2. Counting info in record formats: When I put a motor in, I want to make a record where I can put in the amount of 3,25 shax, 2m stell, 3m steel, O-rings etc. In the end, after doing that on all my points I would like to get a total count of the amount needed.

3. Putting permanent info into the record formats that are attached to the symbols. A Milos 2m truss symbol have the record format "Truss Info" attavhed to it. In this truss into I want to permanent have Milos as manufaturer, and weight, length and a few user-records. Any way to put this in permanent on a symbol?

Hopefully I can get some answers now :)! VW looks really good and it seems like just the right tool as soon as I can get all my questions answered :D!


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A symbol definition is unique and can be given default values.

Each symbol you place in the drawing, will start as an exact copy of the current symbol definition but can be changed in terms of recorddata.

Record changes to the symbol definition will not change the symbols already placed in the drawing.

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There are 2 ways to deal with symbols and counts for very similar things, like truss sticks.

1. Have a symbol for every kind. As Hippocode mentions you can attach a record whose defaults will carry non-graphic information. This works very well if you have a fixed inventory you usually use.

2. Use the truss tool or other general symbol with the same record. But enter the information as needed. This makes it easy to change lengths, type or box size as the design develops. It's ideal if you are renting and never have exactly the same stuff twice.

Over in the General forum there is a sticky post on worksheets. Spread Sheet Reports Read it carefully! Worksheets can be priceless in keeping organized.

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