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electrical libraries?


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Where is the best place to find FREE electrical libraries for very simple 2D symbols for layout of HOME switches, boxes, and lighting? I use 2008(!) VW and there are none in the basic library I have. I only have Fundamentals, not architect version. thanks in advance. USA based.

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I echo what RickR is saying. There is a plethora of *.dwg symobls out there on the WEB. Some are free and many are not. But I think instead of making them all from scratch, I'd spend a few bucks and buy the ones you've seen you like online and in turn, turn each one into your own symbols for your use in VW. I imagine that even with this method there will be things you want to change to match with your visual standards like text and size but that is par for the course. VW just doesn't have a nice complete package of such symbols.

But also once you've got them, you've got them.


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