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Updating referenced files

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This might be our network problem but i am curious if anyone has this problem before. When I open two files in my box, OX10.2 on G4, which are referenced each other and stored in server, I am able to update a referenced file without any problem while two files are still open. However, if these two files were opened separately in different computers on network, the referenced file can not be updated unless the file is closed. Somebody know why? Is this a fixable problem? If we have to close files everytime update is needed in multi-user environment, this is not good.

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We use WG Refs alot, and are on a network too. They work great.

We do notice that if a file is open and a user wants to reference it, that connot be done. The file needs to be closed first. If a file is already referenced in a target file, and a user wants to update it, this works fine as long as the referenced file has been saved. Otherwise, I don't know why you are having trouble.

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hong, we have the same problem, we cannot update a refernce across the network if another user has the referenced file open. I figured its a limitation of the program and we have come to live with it.

Another problem we have is if you change the visibility of a referenced class in the target file, every time the reference is update (usually when opening the file) the elements on the invisible classes are visible until you force a redraw by either opening and closing the classes dialogue, or using a saved sheet. The invisible classes aren't changed to visible in the class dialogue, they are just visible (but not selectable) until you force the redraw. Anyone else seen this one?

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Is it a limitation, is it a bird, is it an aeroplane?

The way it works is simply (?) this: a project that uses WGR, is a multi-user project, but for each data set (= VW file), there can only be one 'author.' When a file is opened, the user in question becomes the author an is the only one who can modify the file. After that editing session is completed, verified by closing the file, new data is available.

This is not necessarily a limitation, but possibly a 'management procedure.' Would you really like to see every change, experiment, addition etc. by someone else all the time changing your working environment?

Let's assume (for the sake of simplicity) that you are working on the furniture layout of a restaurant with a Swiss Democracy theme. Another person is making changes to the partitioning and floor coverings, while the Third Man tries to place the cuckoo clocks. You would never know where anything is. Now, the cuckoo clock is here, and in 15 seconds, it is there, only to be moved again. Meanwhile, you are trying to place the tables to align with both partitions and cuckoo clocks, but can't, becuse they are all over the place. And the same applies to your co-conspirators... where did THAT table go?

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