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In your wall marionette network you used a rectangle.

But when I change to use say an oval and change the filter # to 4 I don't get the hollow look just solid. Could you guide me in the right direction please.

I looked at the appendix for the object numbers and a polyline (21) and the oval did not work, gave error. Would have thought a change from rectangle to oval would work without the Object type change.

Added text output to check the object type # just in case i was getting it all wrong.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hey Alan-

The filter wrapper is there because when you send multiple polys/rectangles/etc to a planar boolean node, it cross references the list and therefore creates a lot of polys that did not get subtracted from each other. This is a flaw in the boolean node that we will hopefully be fixing soon. No matter what geometry you send through, the filter number should remain #21 - the number for polyline. the reason is that the objects you want to keep are the ones with holes cut out of them, and those are always polylines. The filter gets rid of any object that was not booleaned.

Therefore an oval should work it the filter number remains 21. I will double check.

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Thanks for this. I tried the convert to poly but had changed the #21 to 4, so did not get the desired result.

So what is the difference between a rectangle and oval (ignoring the obvious) Rectangle doesn't need to be converted to polygons but an oval does?

Any other anomalies like this with shapes?


Love the Random Wrapper such endless possibilities.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hey Alan, I am not sure why a rectangle does not have to be converted to a polygon - I don't know if the idiosyncrasy is with the oval or the rectangle. Its one of those things that has to do with the basic VW commands that nodes are based off of. I only came upon it when debugging this script.

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