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Records attached to Symbols



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When you have the symbol(s) selected, the data pane shows the fields for those symbols. This way you can alter objects in your drawing without having to re-attach a record.

Note that you still need to change the default value in the symbol definition if you want future objects to have the same modified value.

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yes i understand the above and that i can change it to anything through the OIP

picture this. this symbol is now being used by 100 people with 100 files. i want to fix my errors from a single source like i can do with the symbol geometry.

for this reason i have not used the attach record to symbol much. in the past i have tried to use this feature BUT i always find that i placed a bunch of symbols, then i discover some error, then i spend all this time fixing the stuff i placed.

then i give up.

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The record data is attached to the symbol instance and not the symbol definition.

I was working a while ago on a script to restore the data to the record default, but I don't think I ever finished it.

In your case of 100 people each with 100 files, you would have to change the symbol default and then run the script in every file.

After rewatching your video, I think you might be able to accomplish what you want with a worksheet.

I think you could make a database of all the objects (or all the selected objects) with that record attached and then display the field. You could then edit one and copy/paste to all of the other instances.

I can take a closer look is you can post a file with a few (say 4) objects with the record attached.

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Yes, as mentioned, the defaults are saved into the symbol definition.

Any change you make in the definition will only appear in future symbols.

Any symbols that were already in the drawing need to be modified separately.

The thing is, a worksheet would be much easier to find those symbols you need to correct data in.

So you would edit the definition and then edit symbols in the worksheet.

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