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Wall texture question

Horst M.

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I have a question about texturing of Walls.

The doorframes of an existing building are slightly angeled.

I could make a door withe the plugin that breaks the walls like It is.

But when it comes to texturing the Walls I need to give the sides of the Wall the same color than the whole door.

Is there any possibility to achieve this besides modeling a angeled doorframe?

I attach the rendering a Snapshot of the place.

I also look for a simple solution to colorize wall-part below the handrail different then the part above the handrail.

Thanks for help in advance.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

With the wall selected, in the Object Info palette, go to the Render tab. Set the Mode to By Object and then below that, select the Holes part. Set this to the desired texture and it should let you assign the desired texture for that area.

If you have more than one texture you want to use for different holes, I believe you need to split the wall into two walls so that you can vary the settings on the two wall hole options.

If its a Styled wall, you can control this by editing the Wall style in the resource browser, in the Textures tab of Edit Wall Style you should see a similar part control that will let you map a separate texture to the hole than the wall face/ends etc.

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