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Instrument Summary text issue

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OK, so this is a new one on me. Working in Vectorworks 2016 SP2 All of a sudden in a drawing I'm working on the 2nd line of text for each instrument type in the summary, usually the weight, is being drawn on top of the 1st line of text. I've played with the Width, Column offset, Item Spacing, Text Distance and Text width. All do what they are supposed to but nothing is preventing the weights (and/or Lamp Types) from writing directly on top of the fist line of text in each item.

See attached.

Any thoughts out there?

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OK so an update. I decided to go ahead and rebuild another Instrument Summary in the drawing. Build it out and it was fine. Then when I went to the Sheet Layer for the light plot the text we overwritten again. I went back to the Instrument Summary on the Design Layer and it was OK and I noticed that it was on a Class that I use called Lights-Focus. I use this for focus notes and lines and it's not on in the normal light plot distribution prints. When I changed it to Lights-Key the text was overwritten. When I changed it back and the Lights-Focus class was on the text was normal.

Did a workaround of moving the focus notes and line to Lights-Key and kept the instrument summary on Lights-Focus. Will re-address this some other time when I have time to futz with it some more.

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas what might be causing this.

PS: Another issue is that I put a "Note" in the Instrument summary but it does not split lines at the end of the "text width" variable. It just increases the overall width of the entire Instrument Summary to accommodate the note width.

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