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Lightwright Data Exchange Counting problem

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Something weird going on in counting. I have some units in vector works plot that aren't counting properly in LW. I have 5 36 degree Lustr - LW only counts 1, though if I sort by type in LW, they're all there. Same for for 50 degree Lustr - 8 in the plot, only 7 in the LW count, same for the Colorsource Par LED. all conventional unit counts seem correct. In VW, if I select all the units of one type, they all have same type listed and all in same class and layer in the Object Info Window. In Vectorworks, all units count correctly. I've had counting problems before if I inadvertently duplicated something on top of itself, or put something on a hidden

layer, but not shorting units of the same type that are all there in LW, all with same identifying info. I tried quitting, restarting, tried creating fresh LW doc, still same problem. Any Ideas?

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Lightwright will miscount instruments if it sees them as being one multi-cell unit or the same light simply displayed multiple times in the drafting. Double check each light's info - Unit Number, Position, etc. The Lightwright manual has a section at the beginning under the heading "What makes a light?" that details what it looks for in identifying unique and separate instruments.

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