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3dConnection CadMouse

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I'm sorry i thought you meant the 3dconnexion device shown below.

as for a mouse i have used a track ball (show below) and i think they are the best. i use 2 screens and can flick spin my ball to send the cursor to the far end of the screen. i cannot see how a mouse can do that. too much arm movement. my arm never moves.

so left hand is "joystick", right is track ball.

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I actually have the exact set-up you have depicted :)

When I try to get the SpaceNavigator to emulate what you show on the youtube - everything is pinned to the origin - so I can't make the 3d translations ;(

some other SpaceNavigator setting ?

ie. dominant?

You're set-up seems to work perfectly.

Would you be so kind as to export it from the 3d Connection Pref pane and post here? I feel that I must be missing something.

Maybe there is a VectorWorks a tool that must be active?



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Bumping this thread --

I very much want to buy a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse (one of these, pictured below, to be clear -- their product names are very confusing.)

How is support under VW2016 SP2?


- Can this be used effectively for 3D modeling, making edits & changes to the model with most or all major tools without excessive automatic/forced shifts in view mode? Or is it just mainly for display purposes in Walkthrough mode?

- Are the various short-cut side buttons directly supported in VW? Are they configurable? If they are not directly supported, can they be effectively re-mapped either through the 3DConnexion driver or through a 3rd party driver like USBOverdrive?

I called 3DConnexion tech support about this and got the impression that their Mac support is a bit of an afterthought so I am hesistant to jump in and buy.

Thanks for your replies.

ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=14690&filename= 3dconnexion_spacemouse.png

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Gilbert. i do not know if all the buttons will work on the device you show above. what i can say is that i work in perspective/open GL view all the time (for the past several months) and the 3dconnexion nav is a must. i can now build things in perspective and assemble things in perspective. it has change my entire view of how i interact with the model. the old way was to vp to a sheet and review the vps then go back and edit the model then return to the vps, update, the inspect my work.

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Thank you :)

Have you tried the CadMouse ?


High Quality Mouse.

Excellent movement tracking (without much disturbing acceleration on OS X !).

Super for very precise movements. Ergonomic for larger Hands too.

Real MMB is so cool > ALT+MMB VW Fly Over Tool.

Mouse buttons work much too sensitive for me. Lots of accidental clicks.

Quad Menu Button behind Scroll Wheel is hard to reach.

Currently, with LMB, MMB and RMB, I can't decide which finger to use for

scroll wheel or RMB, will need some more time.

I bought it with the Enterprise Kit,

but have to wait for OS X Support for Space Mouse. Hoped the normal keys

from the keyboard would work so far, unfortunately not.

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Not sure why :(

I had it working great - then replaced a profile trying to get it working better :(


Hope you have backuped your tedious settings from before the import.

Reminds my to backup mine.

I recently noticed that 3DCon has a own forum.

Looks like editing the 3DCon settings profile in user/library is not recommended

at all. Different Devices use completly different settings and drivers aren't compatible.

Generally it does not seem to be easy to keep drivers over OSs and Updates.

Maybe you shoot your settings file,

have to uninstall first and reinstall from scratch.

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