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Space Label: Finish Floor Elevation


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Hi there,

Very frustrated! In the space label feature, we have the ability to add new field names from the format field pull out box.

One of them is called the Finish Floor Elevation. I assumed that this would allow me to notate what level this room is. But how does this even work? Are we to manually key in the levels?

If it's automatically assigned based on some 3d data or z-value, then I have tried that but it yields no change.

There are some format fields which can be editable/key-ed in by including (ticking) them on the OIP but there is no option for a field called Finish Floor Elevation (which is included as one of the many format fields).

Surely there is something I am not doing right because VW would not have included this as a format field option if there's no way of entering the data. Entering the numbers in the prefix/suffix field is certainly not the way to go around.

I have temporarily used the Additional Info 01 option that lets me enter something in, but otherwise I have no clue how to get Finish Floor Elevation editable.



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Hi All,


Just FYI...the Space tool cannot "look outside" itself to query information as you've suggested.  Will try some alternatives like the Data Tag tool...this is a fair question...a "spot elevation" tool would be cool...it's on the wish list.



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Hey All, After a better look into the tool I've found a solution within the space tool.

Step 1: Select Space Tag and Edit Settings

Step 2: "Under Space Label 1" Click "Edit Layout"

Step 3: Add a line for an additional Data field in my case #4#. Exit Symbol

Step 4: Edit Settings again. "Under Space Label 1": Select Data field 4> Format Field>Finish Floor Elevation


Only down side is the units of the file determine how the FFL appears (in my case mm) so it doesn't reflect the standard format of an FFL in mm.


Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 14.33.02.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 14.36.13.png

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@ Tim,


I used a slab as the element to tag and then used Slab > Height.  I could only get millimeters (the "native" unit in Vectorworks) perhaps there's a way to convert to feet/inches or another metric unit?  Maybe via a script?


I'll submit an Enhancement Request and see where it goes...would be cool...(and useful)


Here's the file...



Spot Elev Try.vwx

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