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Errors in Vectorworks 10.1

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I am just starting upgrading 40 Macs running OS9 from VW8.5.1 to VW10.1.

Installation of the software seems fine. I can also load up the new software and do a drawing. However, when I try to quit Vectorworks, it is giving an error type 1,2 or 3 every time. It does quit, but gives the system message recommending that the user restart.

I updated CarbonLib to 1.6, but did not solve the problem. Problem occurs with normal extension set and under MacOS Base set.

I am having the same problem on a OS9.0.4 and a OS9.2.2 machine.

I am probably missing something obvious, but does anyone know why this is happening?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated - I don't really want to upgrade 40 machines to all have this issue.

Thanks, John.


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How much built in memory do you have?

Are you running other programs while VW is running?

The OS that is on OS 9.0.4 - you really should update this to OS 9.2.

Carbon Lib is optimized for OS 9.2 and may cause issues when running on earlier versions of OS 9.

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Katie thanks for your help...

re OS9.0.4 - agreed, I'll update them to 9.2.

re RAM

The amount of physical memory on the machines varies. Most have 384MB, but a few have 192MB or 128MB. Will Vectorworks run with this amount of physical memory?

If not, how much should it need?

It seems that on the 384MB machines I need to allocate at least about 80MB in order to stop the memory errors.

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Ok, I've put some hours in on this problem this afternoon, and I think I've narrowed it down to the virtual memory setting.

With VM set on the default size in the Memory control panel, the error is displayed on quitting Vectorworks. With VM turned off, the error is not displayed.

This is on a machine that I upgraded from OS9.0.4 to 9.2.2, and updated Carbonlib, MacOSRom and BootROM to correct settings. Computer has 384MB physical RAM, with 100MB allocated to Vectorworks and an empty drawing.

We are using Vectorworks alone, not with any of the Industry series products. Is it recommended to have VM turned off using VW10? [Wink]

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If you have too much VM assigned and little hard drive space left over after VM is set - that can definately be the problem.

Depending on what product of VW you are using with RW - at least 256 mb is recommended for VW 10.

300+ should put you in a good spot for VW 10 for all VW products.

You shouldn't need to allocate more than 12500 for the preferred memory setting on VW except in rare cases.

On the computers that have less than 200MB ram - I wouldn't set the preferred higher than 75,000 or 80,00 as long as you don't have any startup items in the Extensions manager and no other applications are running.

If you have start up items, a long list of extnesions loading and other applications running, you probably want to rethink the ammount of memory in the computer.

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