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Moving Symbol Folders

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I noticed that as of 2016 the symbols are broken down into separate files as opposed to the single manufacturer file with separate folder inside.

Exported some ETC folders into my personal fixture file but they ended up scattered around with my other folders. Now I'm trying to group them into an ETC sub folder of my Conventionals folder. I have selected them, but can't drag and drop them. I right click with several selected and there is a "Move" option but when I click it, nothing happens.

Any thoughts, help, instructions?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

At this time drag and drop is not supported when moving items in the Resources browser. the only way to move things is with the right click and move command. when you hit move, it should give you a list of options on where to move the resources to. It should then take you into the placed folder once you execute the move.

I will warn you, if you have everything in one file, and use the new drop-down in the instrument insertion tool or accessory tool, it will lump everything together in alphabetical order, that is why we had to create the new layout of the symbol files and folders. This keeps each type of instrument in it's own group rather than alphabetizing everything from a manufacturer. Believe me this was not done to inconvenience the user, though some who still use the older way think so :) The drop-down does not recognize folder structure in the document, it only sees the symbols.

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