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Editing mirrored objects



When I edit the polygon in an extrude that has been mirrored, or copied and pasted somewhere else, I cannot see the objects around it anymore.

I would like to mirror or move an extrude and have the new location be its new origin when editing so I can see the surrounding objects.

When mirroring, maybe one of the options is "reset new object origin".

I'm not sure origin is the right word.

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Actually, it would be nice even when working in flipped, rotated, or mirrored symbols if the context model remained visible, and if it did it (at least optionally) without the dreaded, colorful orientation arrows that appear at the lower left (which often result in a slow, animated return to the symbol's original orientation, such as when changing to Top/Plan view within the symbol). Okay, maybe "dreaded" is too strong a word; the arrows can be useful if you need to know the symbol's original orientation. But even when rotating back to the original orientation, it would be nice if the entire model remained visible and rotated accordingly (but only while editing the symbol). VWIS031

PS - It seems before it was possible to turn off the animated rotation, but I can no longer find a setting to do that...

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Thanks, Mike. I have that de-selected, yet when I'm editing a rotated symbol, it still animates when returning to normal orientation (by going to Top/Plan View).

Although I have now found that if I use the "Rotate Plan" function (whether or not in a symbol) at least once, it will then stop animating. But it appears that this is necessary every time Vectorworks is quit and restarted... VWIS064

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