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File Opening Issues

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I am having trouble opening a file in Vectorworks that I recently converted from 9.5. I click on it and the file begins to open it and then it sits there for 20 minutes or so and then will either open it, or it stops responding and I get fed up and try again. I have also noticed that while I am in the file it has a significant slow down while redrawing after zooming or exiting a group. I am running Spotlight 10.1 on a Windows XP Home P-III 750 Mhz with 384 MB of RAM. Thanks.

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I also thought I might mention that I was working on a plot with a similar problem, but the file size was an outrageous 15MB when I started so I assumed that was what was slowing it down. But as I continued to trim stuff off the plot for file size reasons I realized there was another problem. When I got down to about 2.5MB on that file I noticed that there were some slow downs when redrawing especially when certain symbols or objects were on the screen. For example we had this striplight symbol with some text in it. When I looked at the text it didn't have any font selected although it looked like our default text and when I changed to font so it was the default text the redrawing/scrolling problems got better. It also occured with some other text that was doing the same thing and some simple circles(although that may have been a text thing as well, I'm not sure) I know this other plot that I'm having problems with now has some of those same issues and I think I've fixed most of them but it's a big plot so I can't be sure without checking all of text, which is probably what I'll do today since I got the file open after an hour of waiting. Sorry for the long explanation.


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