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Vectorwork 2016 Landmark Publishing issue


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I am a relatively new Vectorworks user (a little over 10 months now). I use the product mainly in planning for off road recreational paths (walking, running, equestrian and mountain biking).

I am working with some very large and sophisticated topographical files (1m contours) which include subdivision information, endangered habitat, significant trees etc. The site is ~540Ha and the file size is ~190mb.

My issue is with publishing.

When going to publish my files Vectorworks says it publishes them but when I open Adobe Acrobat Pro I get the message that identifies that 'a drawing error has occurred' and a blank page results. The size of this adobe file is ~ 75mb. (I am able to publish files from previous plans not related to this particular project).

I am working with the most up to date version of both Vectorworks and Adobe Pro.

My Machine is a Mid 2011 27 Inch Imac with 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB of RAM and a AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB Graphics card.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers and happy new year


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Are you publishing sheet layers? Some things to consider.

Try opening one of the published pages in Apple's Preview. Probably same blank display, but if you see the geometry and/or annotations, it's a start for trouble shooting.

Just curious what happens if you use the Export to PDF or Print to PDF. Might get your sheets out if you have patience for processing one at a time.

Is your page displaying all of the area you are trying to capture? Adobe's print preview should show you what is supposed to show on your pdf page (well the Adobe Reader should. I don't have experience with Acrobat Pro). Check that your drawing (the View Port or the design layer) is scaled to fit the vwx page and the print sheet size matches the vwx page.

I don't know if there is some file size limit for the output. Could 190MB be out of the acceptable range? Others here might know.

Keep us posted with what works and what doesn't.


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Had an issue where our HP T120 plotter would not print Pdfs exported from VW 2016 LMRW

It was a couple of months ago and there was an understandable problem with Adobe Reader that I read about on the internet

Installed Foxit Pdf and it fixed the problem so on that puter now Foxit is the default Pdf reader and no more problems printing on the HP

Is that worth a try?


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Thanks everyone

I am publishing (trying to) in sheet layers.

I will work on exporting separate sheets -potentially there is some corruption on one of them.

I have tried exporting as an eps - the result was a 500+mb file that remained stubbornly blank...

I've played with 150mb+ PdFs previously so the 75mb produced should, in theory, not be an issue.

I'll keep folks informed of progress



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Publishing can be done using Sheet Layers and Saved views. Sheet Layers is the better way to go.

Two things are critical to the process:

(a) that you have defined your output size through page setup.

(b) that you have set the scale of your viewport so what you want to print fits on that page.

Sheet Layers are a WYSIWYG process. What is inside the border of the Sheet Layer will end up being printed (real or virtual) and what is outside of it won't.

In this case I would set the Sheet Layer size to A1 or A0 and set the Viewport scale accordingly. Within the annotation space of the Viewport I would include a Drawing Label, a Scale Bar and North Point annotation objects.

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Interested to hear your pdf experience. When I upgraded to VW LM 2016 (and Adobe Acrobat DC at the same time), all of a sudden, my HP Designjet 510 would not print pdf pages (exported from VW Sheet layers). I had no issue with VW 2015 and Acrobat 2012. Now I don't know if I need new drivers for the HP, or what to try. The whole reason I upgraded Acrobat was for their enhanced capabilities...

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