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How to print door opening symbol in Interiorcad

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Hi, I need to show door opening symbols in elevations ( the triangle showing which side is hinged etc.) I see it when I'm editing a cabinet in Interiorcad but when i go to print there are not there. I've checked out most places to see if there is a setting but to no avail. Is it something I need to look at in VW. I'm using VW 2014 and Interiorcad 2014.

Thank you.


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Hmmm. I don't think it can be done. I vaguely recall trying to get this to work years ago, but as I recall it wasn't possible.

But I might be wrong, and if you find a way to make this work please post it up.

As a side note, in my opinion 2014 was the last usable version of InteriorCAD. If you ever get the itch to move to 2015 I suggest you really give the trial versions a workout before you commit.

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Don't upgrade to Interiorcad 2015, it doesn't work and I have been arguing with Extragroup about what they are going to do to fix it. They at first told me they are not releasing anymore service pack updates for 2015 version and will only be working on 2016 version. I asked so we are supposed to just deal with a non-working version of the software. They apologized after several emails from me and are going to work on another service pack update to address some of the major bugs. They say everything works in Interiorcad 2016, but I can't upgrade yet, because I would have to update my Mac, Vectorworks and Interiorcad. I just don't have the money to do that right now.

As for your question, there is an "Invisibles" class for Interiorcad, try turning that on and see if that works.

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I dunno...not sure how you are setting up, but I'll tell you how it works for me (super simple).

I use SLVPs for printing sheets. Just make sure XG-Opening Triangles is toggled "on".

See attached pdf (it printed too).

BTW, swinglines could be prettified with lineweights and types, but I don't use xg swinglines because of the default X for drawer fronts (I want a single diagonal line) and XX for fixed panels (I want an X).

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I wanted to chime in the InteriorCAD 2016 still is not fully functional. I am using 2014. It is very frustrating, but am holding out hope they will get it completed eventually. I really don't want to change systems. If they ever get it working it should be an easier workflow. Does anyone have information from Extragroup about progress on a finished rebuilt InteriorCAD? The frame and panel fronts are not up yet, and much of the constitution process is back on the drawing table.

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I wasn't aware that interiorcad 2016 was now available. But honestly, they've been working on this "new workflow" for years.

I haven't seen any real commitment from extragroup to move interiorcad forward.

Vectorworks has made great strides since 2014, so for us we've abandoned interiorcad altogether. Right now it's not worth the trouble to try to use.

Post up if there are some new updates/releases to 2016 that make it useable all of the sudden.

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I continue to update both Vectorworks and Interiorcad in the hopes extragroup puts out a finished product. I am still doing real work on 2014. It is hard to know what to do. I design and build custom cabinets. We export our build data into Cutlist Plus to optimize, handle parts lists, and ordering info. I have been looking at Mozaik, but would have to shift to a Windows computer. I tried running it on Parallels, but could not make it work and the provider was not helpful. I really think when done interiorcad could be a very good piece of software, but for now it does not work.

I do not see XG-Opening Triangles in my class list. Am I looking in the right place?

I would love to be able to have door opening symbols without manually drawing them.

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Cough it up Gytis!

Sorry guys, been too busy to check forum. 8-)

Class XG-Opening Triangles populates automatically for me when I create an XG Unit in a blank file. I think it might require a tinkering with a text file in App Support--I'll look into it. I'll also post a file with a unit later--maybe the class will transfer with the unit (though I doubt it).

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Hey Guys

Whilst I agree Interiorcad has been sadly lacking in Innovation and development for years we have made progress here.

Their change to 64 bit at the same time as a rewrite has created major issues not the least for MAC users.

We have undertaken - at some considerable expense - and successfully implemented the following:

DXF output for Classic Cabinet

DXF output for New Cabinet tool

DXF output for 3D custom part

All of these outputs will run through nesting software and provide code to CNC. So far successful output to Biesse and SCM

Sure there are issues still to be fixed by Extra Group in relation to the new cabinet tool and some omissions. Unfortunately this takes time but they seem to be on the right track.

Feel free to email me at bill@megabits.co.nz if you want information.

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I wanted to give a shout out to Bill and Brendan at Megabits for helping me with setting up my door swing triangles. The controls are located in the XG Resources/Configurations/Miscellaneous. That was only a small part of what we covered, but was a really helpful change to my workflow. It is great to see more of the community here.

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Hi.  Is there someone that can elaborate on the above?  I too would like the opening triangles to show up, but I'm not sure what exactly to change in the misc file.  I think changing the variable from either 1 or 0 only changes whether the hinge triangle shows the hinges at the point, or the handle at the point of the triangle.  It doesn't show the lines in the drawing. 


Can someone point me in the right direction?




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