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Laptop Workstation Recommendation

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I am looking into purchasing either an MSI WS60 or MSI WT60 for VW2016. What are the main differences between these two units? My main attraction to the WS60 is that it is a lot thinner and stylish. I am currently using a Macbook Pro (early 2013) in dual-boot (using VW2010 on the PC side) but due to a combination of Win 10 on Boot Camp and VW2010 I am having some stability issues. I use an external 1920x1080 USB 3.0 monitor, and in order to spread palettes to the second monitor I need to run the resolution of the Macbook Pro at 1920x1080, which looks terrible. My main question is the difference between the Nvidia Quadro m2000m graphics card in the WS60 and the Nvidia Quadro K3100m in the WT60.

Does anyone have any recommendations on these 2 machines? Should I put VW2016 on my Macbook Pro and give that a shot before jumping to a new machine?


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If it was going to be used for Vectorworks 2010, you more than likely would not notice the difference between those two graphics options. Vectorworks did not start really needing GPU power until Vectorworks 2015 really, and even more so in Vectorworks 2016.

However, in the case of Vectorworks 2016, both of those cards should be more than adequate for a single display, but if you're going to be using that laptop's built in 2K display AND a second monitor of equal resolution, I would go for the higher end card.

Unfortunately, the M2000M is so new that there are not a lot of benchmarks available for it yet, but the NVIDIA Quadro K2100M gets a CineBench score of around 66 for the GPU on average, so that should be just fine.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply....I think I'm going to try VW2016 on the Macbook Pro and see if that solves any stability issues....Thank You.

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