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Thank you for a great 2015…

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“the people… have seen a great light…”

A shout out to all of you on the Vectorworks Community Board. If not for you, and my local Vectorworks distributor, troubleshooting Vectorworks, CAD, and BIM related issues would be a great deal more challenging! Thank you all.

Given that tomorrow is Christmas day, I wish you very a safe, joyous, and restful festive season. Especially for those dealing with the busy-ness of events, family, and friends. And for those who do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you a peaceful closing to 2015 and a great start to the new year.

Here is to a rocking 2016! :)

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What a nice post from the folks who see Christmas before the rest of us.

joyeux noel et bonne année from the

(not yet) great white north!

It should be snow & 10 below

but it's 15 & we are bake'n

- not Canadian Bacon neither!

This is what it should look like

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Classic advert!

Regarding the weather, we are in the other direction too! Usually in the high 30's (80's to 100+ in the old scale). Today it is a balmy 25 deg C (77 deg F). Although down In Melbourne they have had temps in the high 30's and 40's this week. Lovely! ;)

Whilst it is traditional to cook all of the northern hemisphere goodies, like turkey, pork, and lamb roasts, we also go in for the seafood (prawns and lobster) with salads. And to really mix things up, my wife and I have taken to having yum-cha for the various in between meals as well. Nice.

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Classic advert!

my wife and I have taken to having yum-cha for the various in between meals as well. Nice.

just in case some Aussie-Canadian translation is called for here,

Yum-cha = Dim Sum in canada


(man I love BC!)

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Thanks for the translation! For a moment I thought it might be some kinda wee beastie! LOL


We've been bringing Samosas to the party menu for years now. When Burns Night arrives we do a Scotch / Chinese New Year mash up.

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Yum cha is from Hong Kong/Canton, and is like a Cantonese version of Spanish Tapas.

According to wikipedia Yum Cha literally means "drink tea" in Cantonese and refers to the whole meal, whereas Dim Sum refers to the wide range of small dishes on offer.

Samosas, as in Indian? We made some curry pies from the left over turkey meat, and they are good!

Scottish and Chinese. What a combo! Szechuan haggis? Whisky duck? ;)

Burns Night? Please translate? As in, "kick the tyres, and light some fires?…"

Now I am hungry!

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