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Arrange, Distribute, Align


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A while back I created nodes to move front/back/forward/backward, but they proved to be unreliable in a Marionette network. This is being looked into, but for now it doesn't seem like the control is available. I will keep this thread updated if any progress is made.

As for distribute/align nodes, I have not yet began creating them, but I can certainly move it up on my list! If I'm able to produce anything that will reliably work, I will share it here.

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Did you ever get anywhere with editing the "stacking order" of 2D objects created using marionette? (ie. moving objects front/forward/back/backward).

I am battling with trying to get my text to sit on top of objects.

Logically the last created object/text nodes should be on top but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Would love a tool like "list" that allows you to plug in all your 2D objects and set their relative stacking

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My most recent understanding is as follows:

In an unwrapped Marionette script, the outcome of the stacking order continues to vary. This, I believe, is because when the script is compiled, there are some variables as to which nodes get run first, which I guess somehow messes up the stacking order. I cannot get a consistent and correct result using an unwrapped network.

On the other hand, if you were to create a network, wrap it, and convert it to a Marionette Object, it appears as though the results are (at least for my testing purposes) always correct, as long as you define the stacking order at the end of the network.

There is another thread that discusses these cases here, and Stephen has posted a file that has stacking order nodes towards the bottom.

Once we figure out a way to handle the unwrapped network case, I'll try to get a good node file together and start a new topic of best use cases. I'm just not sure how long it will be until things are all in order.

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