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Estimating modeling time

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??? You really mean that you model everything by hand then and not using any of the available BIM objects in VW? 100 hours is so much.

I know when you first start with drawing everything in 3D, at first you'll do quite a long time for it, but once you get the hang of it, it goes faster. I don't draw that much anymore, but when I stopped drawing everyday, I ended with 2-3 days for a complete design/application, fully 3D, that's 24 hours, includes renderings of the interiors too, though with generic furniture. This short time is also the result of a great setup of classes/layers and a huge library of everything I needed. These last resources are invaluable to draw quick and get good results, and yes, you'll put a lot of time in them, but you can build it project by project. I always added some extra stuff with each project, and that way, the time got shorter. But 100 hours? I don't know what projects you do, but imho, that's too much. Also, it depends on the type of project of course.

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I'm looking to try to refine the number. please take a look at the images below. this id for 16 D sized sheets it took me 106 hours for this 3d house. now this is bigger than 125 m3, what I'm trying to do is say "put a mass around all 3d objects being 12" chubby (offset)" then get rid of all the space in between i.e. collapse the house in xyz to get a dense pack, but allowing for the the 12" offset for wiggle room and now how big is the house?

i need to do that an see if i can fit it into a 125 m3. so that is what i mean.

trying to visualize density, a residential bathroom is more dense that a home depot but if i were to collapse the home depot (xyz) then what would the density be?

I'm trying look at things as densities (xyz) vs square foot

or densities of different materials

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@digitalmechanics: I really like your signature:

You cannot manage what you have not measured

You can't measure all things, so this means that there are many things that can't be managed, like writing software etc....

At some level, I think it's totally true, but it doesn't always need to be measured. Working agile remove this need, and you end up with a much better product/result which the client really wants, + the client decides when it's finished.

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i'm not drawing, i'm modeling/managing space.

so in short i started a year ago with an over all mass (dtm, concrete slabs & a few bldg massing)

that then divided up into smaller masses (about 8).

those 8 have divided into smaller volumes of space that needs management (ok maybe not the full 64 cube, I'm only modeling the critical areas)

i have produced no drawings to date (ok maybe 6). just videos showing conflicts or intent.

i maybe asked to make some shop drawings for the custom stuff. that will bring me into the 512 cube. granted not everything need shop drawings but some will

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