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Changing Stair Graphic Attributes

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When I change stair graphic attributes, Vectorworks becomes unusable.

Going back into the stair settings, the pop-up window is incomplete and unusable.

Selected objects, if it allows you to select anything, will not appear in the Object inspector.

I need to force quit as simply quitting doesn't work.

I have confirmed this by doing it twice and creating a new file with only a few objects in it.

Only when I change the stair graphic attributes by making the 2D Treads to the class line and fill settings (Vert Trans-Main), does the whole thing go crazy.

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I was unable to replicate this on OS X 10.10.5 or 10.11.2 in 2016 SP2.

What specific changes did you make to the stair? Or, can you post one of the files at the state it was in right before you edited the graphic portion?

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I have the same problems.

Set all Classes to by Class (or similar at the bottom)

Destroys the Class tree and Stair Tool does no more work until a restart.

+ VW can't be terminated (normally).

You can use other Tools after abortingf but sometimes even Mouse Scrolling

doesn't work anymore.

You have to kill VW to restart.

The developers in Germany mentioned that it may be already fixed in the german SP.

But Maybe it was after the US SP release.

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Got it, thank you for those details zoomer, that let me replicate it. Submitting this as a bug now.

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Hi Guys,

I had same issue with stair presets moved over from Vectorworks 2015.

I have been in contact with my local distributor (after sending files, the bug was able to be reproduced), who in turn has been in contact with German devs. I was told this will be fixed for 2016 SP3 ANZ (Australia and New Zealand version).


PS Also auto-classing for this object seems to have broken with 2016 as well.

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Hi again,

To follow up, this is happening on both of our 10.10 and 10.11 machines.

Jim, is there a estimated release date for SP3? Thanks.

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Unfortunately no, the dates for SPs fluctuate pretty significantly right up until the release. This one in particular is getting a lot of fixes that were not originally planned, which is good for getting fixes out to users faster but bad for planning out dates and times.

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