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Marionette Stair Tool

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  • Marionette Maven

I've been trying to hold back from sharing this before it's ready - but I guess I'd also do much better with it if I had input from users!

The colors of the steps can be ignored - I just had too much fun with it. I started this yesterday morning and still have much more work to do with it, but a sneak peek is always fun ;)


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Is all Marionette sharing basically public domain?

If it comes from any Vectorworks employee and is posted here on the board, yes. Feel free to take it and do whatever you like with it.

Ideally in the future we will be able to have users lock their creations if they should so choose, but for now, having a Marionette object gives you complete access to it.

I very much want users to share and modify eachothers creations as well, but by no means would I enforce it. If anything belonging to a specific user is posted here accidentally or otherwise and they do not want it shared, I will gladly remove all instances of it manually until such time as a real system is put in place.

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A simple solution is to place an IF statement after the input height. If height is greater than 0 proceed if not output text saying "what a silly idea, zero height you dont need steps. Enter a number 1 or higher."

The user when entering 0 will only see text. If a number is higher they will see the stair.

Look at attached and enter distance off front of bench less then 50mm and you see text and no drawing, enter 50mm or over and you see drawing.

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