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Pull input from worksheet

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Every time I get a new lineset schedule in excel, I have to build one on my page. It doesn't seem available, but: can I tell Marionette to look for a worksheet to pull input from, and if so how?


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Hi Diana,

Are you asking if you can use Marionette to locate an excel file to import from?

I'm going to guess that no matter what you're actually asking for, it can be done. Worksheet nodes just haven't been implemented in any of our release versions. I'm working on a worksheet node library now, but if you give me a good description of what you'd like done, I can try to put something together for you to use!



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I'll usually be bringing the excel data into a worksheet, but if it is easier to pull from an external excel, than an internal worksheet I can do that happily.

What I do now is, take a set of data, columns I am given by the show's TD:

1- Name of lineset number, like 2 or 21a

2- +Y Distance from 0, known as distance from Plaster Line

3- thickness of that piece, in other words, the y height of that piece with the +Y distance being center

4- and the mane of that set piece, like "Bob's Portal"

I use that info to make a scale graphical depiction of the excel data in space. Some shows have 80 Linesets. It is TEDIOUS!

I'm aiming to use Marrionette to make me something that...

will take those 4 columns of data and make

a box with the height from column 3,

the y of that box's center from column 2,

and read out column 1, then 4, then 2 within that box

then repeat using the next row number indefinitely until the end of the worksheet (worksheets have end rows, excels have continuous rows, so maybe from a worksheet is better than from an excel)

does that make sense?

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Oh, and it is essential that the column 2 data in the final object read out as a dimention feet'-inches" not as text (feet'inches") which is a problem i have sometimes with auto generated data, which may or may not be useful info for you.

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Okay great! I can definitely try to mock something up for you.

Just to make sure I have everything correct in my head, could you give me a file with an example of how things should be laid out? It doesn't have to be extensive, just a couple examples!


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I can give you my working file. It has an 80% built marionette setup that i'm in the middle of, and a worksheet I want to pull from.

There is also an example of an old version of a lineset schedule symbol I'm trying to replace the need for

How do I get you a file?

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Guest unlimited

Hi Marissa,

Any chance you could share what you have already in terms of the Worksheet nodes you talk of?

Many thanks,


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