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ability to select the outer boundary of an EAP

Bas Vellekoop


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I will try to explane.

Example with an EAP:

Yellow circles are the place where I can snap, but not the best places.

Best places to snap are where the red lines are, at out most boundary/end of the geometry. But the outmost boundary/end is not snapable, and even not visual in wireframe.

Does this make sense in my not so fluent English? :)


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- Each vertex of the EAP profile should generate a snappable edge for the entire length of the path in the resulting EAP solid. -

This will not work for rounded geometry like a vertex with a set radius. The vertex is not geometry you want to select/snap to. You want to select the geometry that is created by the vertex. If a vertex in eap-profile has a radius the vertex and created geometry will be not in the same spot most of the times.

Or I'm not understanding correct what you are saying :)

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