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Doors - Opening Only - RW Appearance


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When you have a Door or a window that exceeds you story Walls vertical dimensions,

you have to manually create a second Door (Opening only) on the other Story Layer

to include the cut for the other Wall of the Story above/below.

In RW Render Modes I see that these Openings will have a Frame of bright white Lines

blinking out of your Rendered Geometry, that I can't get rid of.

I found no Class assignment in the Door Dialog that would at least allow to make it less

visible by giving a gray or black color.

Is there any workaround that I did not find so far,

or would it be possible to make that frame show in Wireframe Mode only ?

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Zoomer: this is the annoying 'White lines around Window & Door Openings' bug that has been around since at least Vw2012:

How Do I Get Rid of the Outline Around Window Openings in VW2012?


A possible solution quoted from that thread:

Dave Donley said:
Hello again Bill:

The lines are created so that the opening can be selected. If you set the Interior Jamb class and hide that class then the lines will disappear. HTH

In that thread, billtheia says that this bug has still not been fixed in Vw2016, so Dave's proposed fix may not work. I have not tried it.


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Thanks rDesign.

So there is a Class controlling that Frame indeed.

As I was not able to find it - by setting all of my Door Classes to have PINK Stroke Color -

the Frame does not to seem to support all Class assignments.

Either not implemented, or maybe even a Set Attributes by Class to the Frame may

help ;)

I will look into it.

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