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Golden Angle Node

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  • Marionette Maven

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share this node I've been working on as I'm pretty excited about the way it turned out.

It definitely needs further refining - My descriptions aren't up to par for how exactly to use them, and I will soon include a center point as well as look into a way to define the orientation of objects that may be drawn... Circles work wonderfully, but rectangles, etc. can definitely be improved.

Let me know what you think!


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Your node is real nice!

I apologies in advance for what I did in the script…

Modified (it’s the first time in VS or Python) to allow the turning direction and at the same time the “??? “of the holes, changing the phi value. I understand if we only wanted to change the direction the script should have a Boolean but this I don’t know how to write.

Let’ see what we can do with it (Art of course)

The frog

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  • Marionette Maven


The golden angle node in this file should allow you to reverse the direction via checkbox (boolean) in the OIP, and it allows you to set where the centerpoint of the spiral is... you can also use the output orientation to set the orientation of the object being drawn to face towards the center. This still needs to get fixed when you check 'clockwise' but I'll have it fixed soon!

Let me know if you run into any issues with it, or if there's another way you'd like it improved!


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  • Marionette Maven

Yet another revision of the Golden Angle node I created a while back.

This one behaves best of all so far. I think v3 had an issue with not being the proper radius of you changed the center point. This also has a better orientation method.

I hope to clean it up a bit more in the near future, but am interested in feedback at its current state.




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