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Flyover Tool Clipping View


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Hi there,

Am on VW 2016 Designer and I have this recurring problem of a clipped view (as if I have a clipping option in perspective view) that does not allow me to see parts of the model when I am close or when I rotate to certain angles when I am on the flyover tool.

The clipping cube is not on at all and when it does clip it clips horizontally across the screen or sometimes whatever is directly in front. This happens whether or not the option in Preferences says cropped perspective or not. Happens in wire frame and open GL

What could be the problem?





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Total guess work:

Is the geometry a great distance from the drawing origin? Try pasting those objects into a new file, centered on the drawing origin and test for view cropping.

Try pasting a few objects at a time into a new file (at origin). There might be a corrupt symbol or other object.

In Perspective views, the flyover and other navigation tools allow the viewer to "walk through walls". Could the view have penetrated a volume and appear cropped/clipped by the faces of an enclosed space?

Could the graphics card fail at this view or zoom level? Current driver?

These are all longshot ideas.

Can you post a link to the file for others to examine?


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