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Missing Item "Quit"

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Trying to modify my VW 2016 Workspace. Can't close the dialog box because of a message saying "The following menu item is missing: "QUIT"

So, I can't save my changes. Any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have the Quit item included under File?

Should be located under the All Menus section, there are a few commands you are not able to remove without getting an error. Did that workspace get migrated from one version to another or did it start in 2016?

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Yes, it was imported from 2015 before I wanted to modify some short cuts. I didn't try to move or change the quit command.

I found "quit" under the all file menu as you suggested, so it seems to be there.

Please advise. Thanks. However, I sense a reload coming!

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Well, quit was in the all menu folder, but not in the file tool set, so I moved it over and all seems to be well. Never had that problem before.....thanks.

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@Rossford I know it has been a while since you resolved your problem but I am having the same issue. I am unsure what to do. Could you assist me. Thank you kindly 



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Wish I could help. I didn't even remember this, and since I upgrade each year, it hasn't been a problem since.

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I had this too.

By the Warning I realized that the Menu>File> "Quit VW" entry was missing in my

Menu. So I just manually re-added "Quit" for my Custom Workspace's Menu

from the list and everything was fine again.


I assume that someone just renamed the internal Tool name of a new "Quit" Command

and deleted the old "Quit" - so the Old "Quit" disappeared from our custom Workspaces

and the new "Quit" wasn't inserted automatically.

But somehow VW realized that it was missing something mandatory ....

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