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Disappearing Border


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Does the title block do the same when you copy it and paste it into a new document?

If not, when you paste it into the new document, does it give a warning about invisible classes being made visible during the paste? Normally for this i would have guessed a class visibility issue, but not if it reappeared after restarting.

Post the following from your machine as well as what version of Vectorworks you are using, please:


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

At the bottom of the Reply area, click "Switch to Full Reply Screen"

Then, click the "File Manager" link near the bottom.

Click Choose File, select your file, click Add file and wait for it to upload then hit Done Adding Files. Make sure you file is under 10MB or so, but for just a title block it probably will be.

(Side note: Don't worry, I am aware of the annoyingness of the upload process and there are plans to fix it.)

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First insert a sheet border using the sheet border tool in the dims/notes tool set.

Then in the OIP for the sheet border click title block and navigate to your title block symbol

Now when you double click on the border or title block you will be able to edit the data in the title block.



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As MK said I think you need to set this up as a title block as currently its only a symbol.

From resource browser you need to export this to your user or in my case the workgroup folder into the sheet borders and I made a file for all my sketch title blocks.

Then open a new sheet click on sheet borders from tool sets then click on screen and drag horizontally then you get the sheet border preferences and select the none on next to the tile block and you will see the drawing that has your title block then click ok.

You can then adjust all your border settings and it works like a title block correctly.


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I have the same problem, and my title block is not a symbol. It seems the only fix is to restart the computer. It happens to me about once every week or so, but I can't find a common series of events that cause it.

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