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Dialog Builder 6 exporting Python - bug


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I have used DB6 to generate a simple layout and exported it for Python.

The dialog runs perfectly in when I export it in VS, but python reports errors with the following functions:

dialog = vs.CreateLayout( GetStr('dialog_title'), True, GetStr('ok_button'), GetStr('cancel_button') )

ERROR: TypeError: Can't content 'int' object to str implicitly

vs.CreateGroupBox( dialog, kUnnamed4, GetStr(kUnnamed4), TRUE ) 

ERROR: NameError: global name 'TRUE' is no defined

These appear to be bugs in how DB6 exports the Python code.

For anyone who has the same problem, I solved it with the following:

dialog = vs.CreateLayout( GetStr(3), True, 'ok_button', 'cancel_button')

vs.CreateGroupBox( dialog, kUnnamed4, GetStr(kUnnamed4), True )

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When using Python for your plugin, you could use DLibrary to easily create dialogs and work with them very very easily.

All you need to do is define a dialog through an xml file:

(All data- attributes are automatically binded to the ViewModel properties, so no need anymore to call getters and setters on dialog controls, no need to set controls up, no need to play with placements, .... All is done with this one file, while your values will live in the viewmodel!)

                              data-items="modules" data-value="excerpt" height="25" width="50"

                                             data-items="selected_modules" data-value="config"

And you can use it like this:

class ModuleDialogXmlFile(AbstractActivePlugInDialogXmlFile):

   def __init__(self):
       super().__init__('Module', ActivePlugInType.OBJECT)

class ModuleViewModel(object):
   # The ViewModel class for a Module item

class ModuleDialogViewModel(object):
   # The ViewModel class for the dialog.

def on_module_dialog():
   # Get the plugin parameters.
   parameters = Parameters()
   # Create the dialog viewmodel, which will hold the data.
   dialog_view_model = ModuleDialogViewModel(parameters.module_config)
   # Run the dialog (from the file with the viewmodel)
   if Dialog(ModuleDialogXmlFile(), dialog_view_model).show():
       # When the user hits ok, save the modules to the plugin parameters.
       parameters.module_config = [module.config.value for module in dialog_view_model.modules]

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