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Multi-column Layout



We use Vectorworks heavily for graphic layouts as a way of reducing our software license costs (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator). It works great for the most part, but a few, seemingly simple additions could make it even better.

1. In text blocks, Vectorworks is very clunky in dealing with paragraph styles, tabs, and automatic numbering/bulleting. I see even the forum board has the ability to auto-bullet. We often avoid using the general notes or keynote legend tool because of its clunkiness, and instead use simple text blocks; however when creating numbered lists or indented paragraphs, there aren't any ways to format without creating manual tabs that break up the paragraph.

2. For more complex graphic packages, or even sheet specifications, the ability to link text boxes (similar to Adobe InDesign) so that text can spill over from one text box into another continuously as one text string. This frees up the formatting of text into one continuous process, rather than editing one box, then the next, and the next...repeatedly as notes or other text change. InDesign also has the ability to reference in text from Word or other word processing applications; therefore utilizing word processors more complex spell-check and grammar check functions.

3. Text block columns. Similar to above, the ability to split a text box into multiple columns, with continuous text spanning.

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Vectorworks is missing some basic word processing functions, including multi-column layout where the text can flow from one column to another.

This function would be most helpful when creating basic specs on a sheet to include in a set or residential construction documents that don't require an entire spec booklet.

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