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Vectorwokrs 2016 not launching


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Hi everyone,

I have been using Vectorworks 2015 for the last month and it's been working fine. Few days ago though when booting the computer in the morning I was not able to laucnh it ( I clicked the icon but nothing happened, all the rest of the programs worked fine).

So I rebooted a few times and nothing happened so I decided to uninstall (which is not that easy with windows and VW2015...).

After reinstalling and nothing was solved I saw VW 2016 was available and so decided to install it. Thing is with this new version I still have the same problem. I have read a few posts talking about this problem, about not being able to laucnh after install but I c'ant find any solution.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much guys.

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If you are working on Windows, maybe your anti-virus-software (AVAST maybe), will block your Vectorworks from launching. Try pause your anti virus for 5 Minutes and launch Vectorworks. If that works, add The Vectorworks Programm Folder to the "Whitelist" and activate virus protection again.

Also check, if your graphic driver is fairly up to date:


On mac, it could be a font-issue.

It's a shot in the dark but accidentally i saw exactly the same"overnight" problem with avast anti virus last week.

If it was an avast-issue, a short feedback would be nice.


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