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Design layer visibilities

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I have a problem with Design layer visibilities.

I can see only one Design layer at a time (the active layer)

whatever settings I make.

Thank`s for any help


(VW 2016 Landmark./Win7 pro/16GB Ram/I5)

Edit: Solved, a design layer was set to a different scale.

Have a nice sunday.

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I had this problem. Do you have the same scale on all the design layers to see them all you have to have them set to the same scale

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I set them all to the same scale, then I saw them all. First I thought that I imported the problem by importing a sheet layer from another file.

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Looks like this is sorted, so following comment is for others searching for lost layers.

Lots of things can make a layer seem to disappear:

If View> Unified View is enabled (default condition), look at View>Unified View Options. Several of the options cause non active layers to seem invisible, esp the options for Display Screen Objects and Ignore Layers of Different Scale. All these options can affect what is visible in a particular view.

If Unified View is not enabled, only the active layer (and linked layers - old school, but still available) responds to view changes such as pan, flyover, etc. Objects on visible but non active layers can appear to change position (they don't actually change xyz coordinates) or move entirely out of frame.

Another source of "disappearing layers" is Saved Views. A Saved View is often set up to restore layer visibility (default). Invoking that Saved View will hide all layers (& classes) not associated with that particular Saved View. These layers will remain invisible until they are made visible by some other action, eg via the Navigation or Organization Palette, invoking a different Saved View or edits to the current Saved View, View>Layer Options, and probably lots of other actions.

I've also been tripped up by forgetting to dismiss a clip cube! One of those "Hey! Where did everything go???" moments. To quote Homer Simpson: "Doh!"


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