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Sheet Layer or Viewport Linking Text



I notice that in V2016 there is now the ability to create Detail-Callout Markers that link to detail viewports, so that if that viewport moves to a different Sheet Layer or its callout number changes, the marker responds accordingly. Great!

I can also see a tremendous need to provide a text string (hyperlink?) that does something similar, linking to a viewport or sheet layer. This way, when a sheet is added or removed from a set, matchline callouts, notes references or other embeded sheet references could respond automatically. It would allow the most flexibility as a text string hyperlink (similar to a standard interactive PDF link).

Bonus: Prior to 2016 and Project Sharing, the only way we have been able to provide a multi-user environment for a project is by creating separate project files (i.e. hardscape, planting, irrigation, details, etc.) and referencing them together with viewport references. Since we are not completely sold on Project Sharing yet due to a couple of reasons ( see other wishlist thread ) we have not yet made this transition. A way to make similar cross-references across different project files (similar to publish script?) would free up our workflow options tremendously.

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Thanks Jim, I see this functionality and it might be useful for different purposes.

To restate the wish, I can see a need in our workflow for the ability to insert a text string (plug-in object?) that links to a specific viewport (similar to the new Linked Section/Detail viewport functionality in 2016) or sheet layer. This link would then automatically update when a sheet is added, deleted, or moved.

To provide an example We frequently use the annotation "Matchline - see sheet L1.08". Something similar to this might also appear in a notes block or worksheet legend. It would be awesome if as sheet numbers are added, deleted, or viewports, if those particular text strings updated with the changes.

I hope this clarifies the wish.

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