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Josh Schulman

Create Report from Selection

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If you want your existing report to show selected objects only, yes.

If you want to create a report based on your active selection, no.

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1) When you create a report, you can choose to show only selected objects by modifying the criteria.

2) If you have objects selected, there is no "command" available to turn this selection into a report. If you did create your report as mentioned in step 1 you can relalculate it to show your new selection.

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You can set a report to show selected items only, but as with all worksheets, it will not be live, you will need to recalculate the worksheet to see the items that are currently selected. Also, you will need to use the worksheet directly and not the Create Report menu command.

Set up a database row and for the criteria scroll the the bottom of the list and choose Selection State is Selected.

The bigger question is what do you want to show about the selected objects. Since you could have different types of objects, you either need to choose a very small subset of information about the objects or you will need to use a lot of columns to handle the information from different types of objects.

You can certainly use the standard object information that belongs to all objects. Things like:

=L {Layer}

=C {Class}

=T {Object Type}

You can probably also get the position of the objects. What you won't get easily is the object parameters.

When you have object with different "basic" data (Circle/Arc has radius, rectangle does not), you will either have to get really fancy in your functions or accept blanks rows.

Let us know more about what you are really trying to do and perhaps we can offer more insight in how best to proceed.

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I work for a staging and entertainment company. I am trying to get weights of groups of objects (truss, lights, motors, that sort of thing) easily reported. I created a record format for every object that I use and gave every symbol I use a weight. I'm trying to get a report back for a selection of objects that will tell me how much everything weighs.

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So for a dynamic report that will reset every time you Recalculate the worksheet, you should be able to set your database criteria to be something like:

Record 'MyCustomRecord' is present

Selection State is Selected.

The formula for the weight column will be something like:


The header row of the database will then display the total of MyWeightField for each of the selected objects.

If you want something slightly more permanent, you could add an extra field to 'MyCustomRecord' called 'MyGroup' or whatever name you want. Make it text (or a number) and manually enter the group that you want the object to be a part of.

You could then generate a report and SUM it based on the group to get a total of all the objects in the group.

Or you might want to take a look at Sam Jones Autopilot tools for Spotlight. It might already have something similar already done. http://www.autoplotvw.com

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The mentioned weight collection command was in Chain Hoist Tools for Spotlight. Those tools have been incorporated into Spotlight 2016, but that command was not included in the workspace. If you go to the Workspace Editor, you can find the command under the the "Legacy" list in the left hand panel. The name of the command is "Collect and Total Weight". Just add it to your workspace.


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