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OpenGL edges come with which VW version?

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I'm currently developing a 3D model in VW2015 Designer w/ Renderworks. The head designer with whom I'm working only has VW Fundamentals. As we've been looking at and working on the design on my computer, I've had OpenGL Edges turned on. The model isn't very helpful without those edges. Now the designer needs to be able to look at and present the model from his computer at a meeting on Tuesday; however, the ability to use OpenGL edges is disabled on his machine.

Why doesn't Fundamentals include this? Would adding Renderworks to his Fundamentals package give him the ability to see the edges? Does RW = OpenGL edges? That seems strange. (Obviously this would also allow the other designer to utilize textures as well, but before upgrading he wants to make sure RW is the answer.)

This would also be solved if the VW Viewer were actually useful and incorporated OpenGL Edges (exactly as per digitalmechanic's recent request).

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