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3d tape measure tool that stays on object



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I like it.

Riffing on implementation

A mode or additional part of the dim standard of the various dimension tools (3d dims really need to work for this)? Create the dim as usual, the value appears in the usual text box, switch to Tape Mode (Protractor mode for angular) and the display changes to the incrementally numbered band anchored to the snap points. Toggle the modes in the OIP.

During a walk/fly through, the total dim value could display during hover anywhere on the tape, or option to retain the text box. As DM describes, the tape extends or contracts by dragging the endpoints.

OR a create/convert objects from geometry command. Trace, duplicate or extract an edge, convert to Tape.

Some 3d things to work out:

•Follow curves?

•Visible both sides? Or Always toward Camera?

•Special class or other visibility controls?

Too many dims or tapes can really clutter a drawing.

•User defined tape colors/classes for different kinds of objects (steam, elect, carpentry, etc) or project phases (Survey, demo, story, etc).

Anyway thanks for the concept, DM. Could be a great tool.


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i suppose 3d dims would be the same but i was using the tape to give a type of viewer context.

please see image. i placed the tap on the pad to let me know how much its sticking up from the sloped slab and this may change up or down. so if i dimensioned it i would always need to readjust the dims, whereas the tape is stuck to the side of the pad and when i move it up i can get a quick view of how much is sticking out.

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im experimenting here but if you notice the 3d crosshair in the center of the blower.

it seems that 3d dimensioning would be greatly helped if it would only dim to these markers hence avoiding all other snap points. it seems that when a symbol is made you should be able to turn off all snaps for that symbol and only the 3d crosshairs are snap friendly (a special tool*). these would be an object that you can only snap to the center and nowhere else. lets face it when we make a symbol there are only a few locations we want to snap too..

*sub-parametric tools:

we talked about this in a different post (someone mentioned LEGO approach)

this crosshair marker could also be a rotate marker that means if you connect to symbols with a rotate marker connected to each other then the 2 symbols make one symbol that has the ability to rotate individually but still be the same symbol.

think of a bucket loader w/ the bucket up. currently i need to have a symbol with the bucket up then another with the bucket down. this way i have one symbol that can move

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Nice would be:

Dim Tool> Click Face (similar to the push pull face selection ) and drag in a direction Click to set a 3d dim to the extents of that face - a click hold drag release to reposition

The 3d dimension could have a variety of display modes selectable in the OIP as Benson suggests,

Standard dim, tape measure, staff, storey pole, etc.

In Storey Pole mode it would then be possible to set markers to indicate levels and temporary snap planes. The levels could draw a temporary snap line across existing geometry.

There should be toggle other than Classes to turn all these on/off

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