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Alan Woodwell

Join Walls

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Hi Alan,

I've edited the code in the "Wall" node in this case to join the walls for you. I am *currently* lacking the joining of the first and last walls joined, but I will hopefully get that fixed up soon.

I will also work on creating a node that will be separate for wall joining purposes.

Hope this helps!

- Marissa


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For me that's amazing:) I guess that's a lot of programming knowledge going into that.

Do I dare start learning or is too late at my age.

Thanks again for your assistance, makes my day.


Better add your name in the Description to give you credit.

Like this from DomC.

#Custom Node, Dominique Corpataux


class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):

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It's never too late to start learning! I'm a huge fan of those who never lose the desire to pursue new, challenging activities.

As for Marionette, all it takes is some exploration and patience (and the willingness to ask for help/direction).

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Trying to build a simple house from scratch as a training exercise, but I ran into the same problem. Is there a joinWalls Node somewhere or should I program my own?

Also, I watched the video for Marionette changes in VW2017, and it said there is more Info coming up for the changes in changing Nodes, especially the READONLYREFFILE. Is it already anywhere around and am I just missing it?

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Currently there is no Join Walls node in default content, but I'll try to dig the file up that has the one I made a while back.


As for the READONLYREFFILE, I haven't posted anything on that yet. It's completely safe to remove that entire line when you change a node, though, so until I get some proper documentation going, feel free to do that!


EDIT: I attached the file "JoinWallsMarionette_2" to it's original post above. That includes the modification to the wall node I mentioned.

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Thanks again, Marissa! Looks quite tricky.

I think I'll try myself creating a join walls node next, but only for two walls at first. Will let you know how it went :-)


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Hi I don't seem to see one in my library's that was created to finally close the walls. the first and last seems not to close but I will continue to look.

Here is a file that I used to build a house with most of the components that may assist is seeing how I went about the process. Creates the house from a simple Polygon.

Some of the explanations for parts of this are on my YouTube channel. "Alanwoodwell" 

Nice to see how other would do this as there is always so much to learn.





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Hi Alan! Thanks for looking and you enthusiasm. I think Marissa already sent me4 the node you're looking for.

I already had a look at your channel and especially at this video. It is one of the reasons I think creating a house automatically is something that I should look into. Having your example file and seeing the way you engaged the problem is a huge help, thank you!


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Hi, All these things look daunting at first but its a matter of breaking them down into small blocks. This house and the office building from a poly polyline was the culmination of many little steps which was enjoyable and I did not know where it would take me, but its the journey that's fun so enjoy the challenge of Marionette and see where it takes you.:)

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